Mobile Gait Lab Without Sensors

How we are changing the running world
and conquer the medical field
– globally.

As a creative, interdisciplinary team, we have developed software with deep learning algorithms that enables mobile gait analysis without sensors. In the future, a short video recorded with any smartphone will replace a complete running lab. It’s time to bring a seed investor on board.

30 meters of dirt road have never been so smart.

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The innovation: MyGoal Training has developed AI based running analysis without sensors

How does the running analysis with MyGoal Training work? (Instruction)

No matter where you are running, whether on the dirt road or on a stadium lap – your smartphone now becomes a running lab! Without sensors and without markings on the body, our artificial intelligence recognizes every joint angle literally when passing by. This allows you to reliably identify and work on running patterns, misalignments, and imbalances.

  • Motion analysis without sensors
  • Simply with any smartphone
  • Targeted intervention

It took us less than two years from idea to launch with a small team. With public support and private commitment, we want to further develop the scalable solution and open up additional areas of application.

Deep Learning | MyGoal Training uses AI

Deep Learning

  • Unique AI method
  • Simple measurement when passing by
  • Without sensors, directly from cell phone videos

AWS Cloud | MyGoal Training

AWS Cloud

  • Maximum scalability
  • Secure infrastructure (EU/Frankfurt)
  • Rapid further development

WebApp from MyGoal Training | PWA


  • Proof of concept (PoC) 
  • Minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Positive user feedback

Our software is built as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and cloud-based with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The leading technology for cloud computing and AI enables us to develop quickly with little coding effort, maximum scalability, and significant cost advantages. We exclusively use EU-compliant services at the Frankfurt/M. location.


Anke Stefaniak is sports scientist. As a trainer, she is particularly committed to rehabilitation sports. Working with people is important to her. The use of artificial intelligence means more time for communication with athletes for her.
MyGoal head coach Anke
Mathias Priebe, MBA leads the research and development. He has been passionately leading teams since he was 19. It was his idea to pack a complete running lab into a smartphone. Our visionary sees global market opportunities for the start-up.

A permanent UX/UI designer works for MyGoal Training. The coding for the prototype was also implemented with in-house staff.

Development Goals

After the successful launch of the WebApp, we are now focusing on these development goals: 

  • Programming as native apps (Android, iOS)
  • Launch for recreational sports market in DE, CH, AT
  • Internationalization and marketing
  • Opening up health applications

A pilot project to use AI in the rehabilitation of stroke patients – one of many potential applications for the innovation – has been underway since Nov. 1, 2021.

In order to quickly achieve these goals, we are looking for a strategic partner for a seed investment. 

„Congratulations and welcome to the SME Champions League!“

E-mail from Cornelius Schmaltz, EU Commission, Head of EASME, Brussels

We are the only team from Lusatia in Saxony/Brandenburg that has ever won direct EU funding in the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1. We are proud of that. The business idea was certified by an international jury as innovative, scalable and relevant for global markets.


Our adventure journey to develop AI-powered training software began with a direct grant from the European Union.Meilensteine MyGoal Training 2019 bis 2022

  1. Grant agreement, Horizon 2020, SME Instrument Phase 1 and feasibility study, December 2019 to May 2020.
  2. Foundation of the commercial enterprise „Mathias Priebe – Project“ on August 1, 2020.
  3. Transfer project with TU Chemnitz, master thesis on exploration of our AI, defense in July 2021.
  4. Launch of the WebApp with running analysis in October 2021
  5. Launch of federally funded pilot in a gait analysis program for stroke patients on Nov. 1, 2021
  6. Foundation of MyGoal Health & Sports GmbH, July 2023

With this video we had applied to the European Innovation Council, EIC.

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